Our Vision.

Welcome to our vibrant and passionate community-driven token $BK-X BirdKill-X! We are united by a common mission of success and are determined to soar together to new heights. With just some buy/sell taxes and an initial supply of 1b tokens we will moon together, steadily.

A Community Token.

Twice per month there will be a vote in the telegram group how the accrued buy- and sell tax are invested. All profits therefrom are used for buyback & burn, or reinvestments. Thats how we achieve a steady price increase from which every $BK-X token holder benefits equally. We fly and flock in crypto like birds, pick fruits, burn the juice, and increment value.


Our Tokenomics.

Total initial supply:
Buy and Sell Tax: 10%
95% tax income used for investments, 5% distributed to NFT holders.

Profits from investments used to buyback $BK-X and burn. Birdburneth1-NFT receives 0.5% (5x), Birdburneth2-NFT 0.25% (10x).

Our Whitepaper.

Basically $BK-X is a community and investment token. Click here to see our current community portfolio.

The development team and community create efforts to steadily invest and increase the value of the coin... Join us! BirdKillX_Whitepaper.pdf


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Our Contract Address

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